Friday, 18 September 2009

Ins and Outs

Or Ups and Downs- whichever one tickles your pickle

  • BIRTHDAY Its my birthday on the 30th and that's always a good thing even though i have to work and am currently doing nothing- but still- woop

  • HOLIDAY On the 1st I'm going on holiday for 2 weeks. Hurrah!! I haven't been on holiday for 3 years (seriously). Cannot wait!

  • SKIN Thankfully my skin is behaving itself this week and have had no nasty breakouts

  • MAYBELINE I'm loving having all these products to try and i love the lipstick number 125 (shimmer pink i think it's called) LOVE it


  • AUSSIE The lovely Daisy invited me to be her guest at the Aussie event and I'm on holiday : ( Gutted its on that day because i really wanted to go. Thanks Daisy *hug*

  • FAT My weight. Its out of control at the moment. I've gained 10 and a half pounds because I'm eating everything in sight. I can't stop. I should get the bf to slap me every time i overeat- aversion therapy lol

  • HOME Living at home is a bloody nightmare. I can't stand living with the mother anymore. We don't really see eye to eye at the best of times but can't afford to move out yet. Rent at home is cheaper then all the bills on my own. Which brings me onto..

  • WORK Fed up with it. Would like an exciting job please? Or a pay rise?


  1. i worry about my weight all the time, just try and stay positive xx

  2. I hear ya girly.

    Lucky you, didn't know you were jetting off! I'm in dire need of a holiday at this moment in time! Although I am going to Whitby for a long weekend in about three weeks yay xxxx

  3. @ cat I try but its hard when i worked so hard to lose it and now its coming back

    @ GWTGT Shall i take you in my case? I am soooo excited about hols. A leeds day out for us is in need when i return

    @The Brunette Portugal : )

  4. Oh we went to Portugal last year to the Algarve.

    Have a great time and happy birthday for the 30th xx

  5. Hope you have a lovely time on holiday hun, enjoy xx

  6. Ahhh, can't wait till my bday Lots of lovely prezzies. Hope you enjoy urs :) I love ur blog, Glad a i found it! xxx

  7. Have a great time on holiday, I haven't been on holiday (well a sunny holiday - weekends away don't count in my head lol) in about 7 or 8 years!!

  8. wish you have the best holiday ever!

  9. Your lucky that your not having breakouts, mine are terrible at the mo- lovely blog :) xxx

  10. awesome blog, love the pics, cant wait to see more

    come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

  11. have an amazing holiday!


  12. Hey sweetie, thanks for entering the £50 ASOS voucher giveaway on my blog :)

    Hope you have a great birthday and an amazing holiday! It's a shame you have to miss the Aussie event :( all the ones I've been to have been so much fun!

    ♥ Hannah



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  15. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,


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