Saturday, 12 September 2009

Maybe she's born with it...

Or maybe she just wears tons of make up? (only joking)

As you all know and I'm sure are sick of hearing about- there was a Maybelline event held in Hammersmith in London at the L'oreal HQ last week. I'm sure you have read the post several times so I'll give you my play by play for anyone who wants to read my personal account of the day (and my first event)

The print ad for the new Pulse Perfection Mascara

The nail polish table

The view from the window overlooking Hammersmith station

The print ad for the new lipsticks

Another ad

Maybelline over the years

I started off my day by driving to the station, getting a train to York and there i met the lovely Sarah. She is so nice and i was pleased to say we got on like a house on fire (so to speak). We ended up chatting non stop all the way 'darn sowf'. We then met Phoebe and walked to Euston to meet Sadie, Carly and Nicola.
From there we headed to Selfridges where we ogled the goodies. I ended up at the Benefit counter and got the Erase Paste (in shade 2- i thought i would be a 1 because I'm so pale- but no) and also the Dandelion blush. Hours went by and we were still in the holy shopping mecca and realised we should make our way across London.

The swag (well not technically as i didn't steal it)

The venue was lovely. We were greeted by Natalie from HeadStream PR who took us upstairs and urged us to eat the lovely cakes (which we did).

A crowd shot- I took a few of these lol

Seriously, the cupcakes- A-MAZ-ING

I was trying not to eat them all- but did have two (naughty)

Then the two Katie's and Charlotte gave us a presentation about the brand. I always thought i knew Maybelline quite well, being the devotee that i am to the classic Great Lash mascara (the pink and green one). They told us the story behind the name of Maybelline. I'm sure you have heard it on other blogs but basically sweet Mabel got dumped and went to her brother(?) who was a chemist and he made the first mascara for her from coal and Vaseline. She obviously got him back with her fab lashes and the rest is history. (Mabel and Vaseline- Maybelline- clever huh?)

Kelly and Karen browse the lipsticks

They gave us our goody bags early which was awesome because got got to play with them there and my gosh they were generous!!! We got tons- i feel so lucky and can't wait to have a play. One of the main products they are launching is the Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara. It is priced about £15 i think she said which is quite expensive for Maybelline so it will be good to see how well it performs over my trusty £4.99 Great Lash.
The Mascara!
The mascaras we were given
The foundations i was given to try
The goody bag! (seriously they gave us a crazy amount of stuff- they were so generous and i don't deserve it at all)

After the presentation we were free to have a play with the make up on display and pick up some foundations too! (can't wait to try these out). They even had MUA there to show us any tricks or looks we wanted.

Stunning Daisy getting her eyes made up. I Love Daisy.

Me and Faye- she is so tiny and i look like a monster. I wanted to steal her and take her home : )

Faye, Victoria, Me, Sarah, Carly and Phoebe

The stunning Victoria getting her make up done

Except the great privilege of being invited to this event, one of the nicest parts of the day was meeting some of the amazing bloggers whom i love- Carla, Faye, Daisy, Sadie, Vicky, Sarah, Phoebe, Carly, Victoria, Zoe... i could go on forever. I wanna thank everyone i spoke to for making me feel so welcome at my first event. You guys are the greatest.

Faye's makeover. I tried to document it but my camera has a terrible flash and i kept blinding poor Faye with it.

Trying not to blind the poor girl

The finished look- doesn't she look awesome.

Afterwards we headed back to the station and chatted to Daisy, Carla, Victoria, Nicola and Phoebe until Sarah and I had to get our train. On which there were no seats!! Vicky was on the same train we later found out via twitter so she came to join us on the floor next to the toilets (bless her) and we chatted all the way home.

I wanna thank Natalie and everyone from Maybelline for making this a fantastic event!!! I will do a review of the products when i have tested them all out and gathered my thoughts. This post was mainly to say what a fab time i had. I hope to see more of you there another time. I love all my followers <3

P.s While i have your attention, i would be grateful if you could give me some feedback on my last post if you haven't already. Click HERE. Many thanks

P.P.S most of these pics are mine but some were taken by Natalie so credit goes out to her. (You can tell which are Natalie's- mine are the blurred ones)


  1. I never get tired of these posts!! Amazing pictures!! Looks like so much fun!

  2. it was such a good day and i had so much fun is sunny london town!! :)

  3. I look terrible in that crowd shot lol. Was lovely to meet you hun :) x

  4. LOL @ "tons of makeup" yup!!

    Great post and pix...i wish i had som more time to have a chat with you! xx

  5. Ha, there are so many photos of me on that chair with my eyes closed.

    Was lovely to meet you Emma! xx

  6. So jealous of all the products you were all given!!!! Look at all those foundations! Cant wait to hear the reviews :P You and the girls look gorgeous, Looks like you all had fun! I wish they had these type of events in Australia! xx

  7. To be honest with you, I don't know myself. I guess I just got lucky with that shot! :D thank you, by the way

  8. @ Sara aww thankyou. It was such fun : )

    @Loulabelle I loved meeting you. can't wait to meet up again

    @Sadie You don't look terrible. Its just a natural shot xx

  9. @ Shirley I know the day went so quickly. hopefully next time we will get to chat

    @ GWTGT ditto <3

    @ Daisy I know!! You looked so serene and calm though lol

    @Lorien I'm sure they will. I guess they would have to hold tons though because Australia is huge and we are tiny, so we can all travel to London for a day trip without it being too far

    @ Lyd no problem. Stunning pics

  10. HAHA I love this:
    Maybe she's born with it...
    Or maybe she just wears tons of make up?

  11. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,


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