Wednesday, 2 September 2009

POLL- Weight Loss, Clothes and Make Up

So i have been thinking that even though my name on here is Weight Loss, Clothes and Make up, there has been a distinct lack of posts on weight loss, and a whole lot more on clothes and make up. Mainly because I haven't been losing weight (eek) and secondly because I've been having a whole lot of fun discussing the more superficial aspects of life (much easier to write about)
My first blog post was about my stuggle to combine losing weight with looking good. Or should i say, when your NOT losing weight, how you can't be arsed to try and look good. (See this post here)

This is where i need you guys- do i stick with this blog and discuss everything- the weight loss, clothes AND make up? (see what i did there : P )


Do i make this purely a beauty blog and do another blog for the weight loss/ health stuff?

I am leaving this up to you guys because you guys are the ones who read this and whereas this blog is of course mine and i control whats on it- if you don't wanna read about weight loss, I'd rather put them on a separate blog and not piss you off with blog updates.

One more thing- if you do think i should separate the two- what do i call this blog and my new blog?

I would really appreciate your comments and input on this.

Thank you muchly beautiful people

As always, much love xxx


  1. I think it's completely up to you toots.

    I personally have set up another small blog for weight loss because I feel that some people dont want to hear about it, it's not relevant to some people - So it's their choice to follow if they like (you get me). I felt it may not interest some people what i'm having to eat etc. And also it's for myself, to help me lose weight by tracking my progress in a seperate area..

    For you it might be different, because your blog started off as your followers may mainly for that reason? I'm not sure.

    Whatever you do, I assure you I will follow! ;D

    Keep Posting!
    Marie xx

  2. I personally am more interested in your beauty / fashion posts because I have the opposite problem with weight (always trying to put it ON rather than lose it!) but that's not to say you should move it into a separate blog if you don't want to. It's entirely up to you!

  3. I think the two are kind of related and as I'm interested in both I'd rather see them together but whichever you prefer is best for everyone :)
    I guess just sometimes people who aren't interested in weight loss won't want to see a whole post dedicated to purely that, but if you included maybe a small paragraph at the end of each post? If you want to write a lot on the topic I'd say a seperate blog may be preferred by most.

  4. Personally I would like to see it remain here as I am interested in both things. I couldn't possibly imagine doing two blogs, one is time consuming enough!


  5. I'd like to see both, i think it makes your blog much more personal and real x

  6. i'd like to hear about everything. don't limit yourself to just one thing. if you feel like blogging about whatever, do it. i hope my opinion helps. idk. :D

  7. I'd just stick to the one blog, i like to hear about a variety of things, afterall we'd be boring banging on about the same thing all the time wouldn't we ;). After meeting you i wouldn't say you had to lose any weight at all, you don't need to xx

  8. I'd keep it as it is. It's your decision though at the end of the day x

  9. I'd like to see both to be honest. Its up to you though obviously, but I don't think you should be self-conscious about writing about weight-loss, after all you're only giving people exactly what it says on the tin! X

  10. I would keep it as it is I love your blog xx

  11. It's honestly up to you, remember it's YOUR blog so your decision :) x

  12. I am interested in both, so I like them in one place. however, if it were a separate blog, Id follow that one too! so i agree with all the other ladies that say its entirely up to you, but me personally, Im into fashion, beauty and health! :)

  13. I think you should do a bit of everything on one blog. i like to do that. mine ranges from beauty, animals to cooking. i also wanna start doing posts on fitness and diet and health as im a fitness instructor. might be cool huh?

  14. Stick with this (one) blog. Most people can relate to weight loss, beauty, health, and fashion posts.

    I tend to get bored with the all or nothing stance and love the way you mix it up!

  15. Personally, I enjoy reading your beauty posts! However, saying that, Its niceand refreshing reading your other posts too!!! So I say stick with this one :)

  16. Thanks for all the comments everyone
    I have made a decision...
    Coming soon

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