Saturday, 23 May 2009

Self worth?

Well hello there!
Welcome to my blog
There are many reasons I am writing this-

Mainly because its my secret indulgence, I just love reading make up blogs!!!!! I love seeing what people have bought and seeing them wearing them, whether it be makeup or clothes.
I’m a sucker for it.

I own a lot of make up, but I only ever wear eyeliner and mascara… seriously! They are all I wear daily. I have tons of coloured eyeliners, lots of foundation, blush, bronzer, eyeshadow, and all those other goodies, but I don’t wear them.
I think part of it is being lazy but the other part is my fantasy- that when I lose weight I will become the “ideal me”
Does anyone else get that?
Now I totally don’t take care of my appearance- mainly because I don’t like how I look.
I don’t see a point in making myself feel good while I’m still fat, I’m not going to be pretty no matter how much make up I put on.

But I realised its not about that
I want to feel good
And I can't lose weight while I feel like crap.
I have realised that losing weight won't make me any prettier
It's about how I feel
And I can't keep putting things off until I'm happy with my body.
I need to make the most of now
I need to take care of myself

Make that time to moisturise myself, to put on a bit of foundation, to wear my fave shoes.

If I wanna lose weight and feel good about myself I need to start now.
And stop waiting for an “ideal me”
Whats wrong with who I am now?

That’s just something I have to try to start to do and realise

Thanks for reading my first post



  1. What a beautiful way of thinking <3
    You have to love yourself NOW.
    Goal isn't a magic wand that immediately makes you love yourself!
    Doesn't work that way!
    IT's all in your head:)

  2. aww thanks Jess
    i always struggle with how i look and i always thought when i got to goal i would be better, but its only a number, and i can't put off learning to love myself
    i need to do it now

  3. Oh wow just got into my head and the way I view myself right now. Totally.

  4. really? its really terrible isn't it?
    Why can't we love ourselves now?

  5. God...I couldn't *get* you anymore...This is totally how I feel so much of the time...I get so stressed out when I don't think I look OK it ruins my day if one tiny teeny thing goes wrong because I think I will look such a div all day does that make sense? xx

  6. I struggle a lot with how I look too although people often think I am quite confident as I dress up but mainly its to make myself feel a lot better. I suppose it stems from when I was young my parents used to enter me into beauty pageants so I think I felt I had to live up to this 'pretty thing' if you know what I mean! Its sad really !

  7. oooh I meant to say too that you are very pretty and should feel a lot better about yourself but I really know how you feel as I have felt this way too!


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