Monday, 25 May 2009

My Hair Story

Hey everyone, so i saw this one someones blog a while ago (think it was Natalia AKA filthygorgeousmakeup) and thought it was really interesting, so i decided to do my own.

That's if looking at the life cycle of someones hair interests you (it does me... i worked in a salon for 8 years)

OK so i start off life as a blonde... very white blonde. And a fabulous taste in pretty dresses lol.

Then of course it starts to go darker with age. I must be about 7 here, and it started to go more of a honey blonde. Which i quite like to be honest. (check the headband- i had about 12 of them)

So then it goes brown when i am about 11. But this is the same time i start gaining weight, so i don't mind as much, because i feel horrible anyway

So i start to think i would prefer myself blonde, but my family would only let me get a semi colour... and it goes kind of ginger. But not a nice ginger. I didn't care. I also went a little shorter and got myself some straighteners! (BTW the pose was to show off the sleeves on the top. Hmm)

Then about age 14/15 i begin working in a salon and get blonde highlights! FINALLY. I'm on the end in the green shirt. We were trying to be like the Sex and The City girls with our frosted glasses haha.I pretty much repeated this cycle of highlights until i started college when i started to experiment more. I decide to get some bright red highlights, well lowlights really. But anyway i go very stripy but i loved it at the time!

Also i start plaiting my hair into really tiny plaits and having it all crimpy looking. I think it was to hide the fact i had gained a lot of weight. (BTW these are not my 'before' pictures. I made sure everyone avoiding taking pics of my belly and also cropped them at the time. I had really low self esteem.)

So i decide to have a block of brown underneath my hair, which was a little 90's i guess. Gosh look how chubby my arms are. I was really big here (for me) and you can tell how unhappy i was by the fact this dress was a 16 and it was so tight i had to wear magic granny pants lol. Notice my arm covering by belly- i always do that when i feel fat.

Then i decide to have a big change and leave blonde altogether. I felt i needed a new me, which is what often happens when i hate myself and need to be someone different. But everyone seemed to like it. The only problem with this colour was it didn't last very long. It also washed out and then looked a little green. It took more upkeep then blonde but i kept it for quite a while.

So i decide to get some blonde slices and a more choppy look. This is such a posed picture and i did something on photoshop to make it a brighter colour.

And this was for a Christmas party when i got my work friend to do my hair and makeup. This is when i had Barry M dazzle dusts used on me and i fell in love with them. I don't wear makeup myself but i loved them so much i bought some.

So then Wella bring out a book of new colouring techniques and offered my hair up for experiment. haha. So i had it brown with some pink in a diamond shape around my face. It was OK but way too dark for me.

That doesn't last long and i go brown with a full fringe.

Then bright red!

I finally decide i have had enough of red and a new Schwarzkopf bleach comes out which is meant to lift hair about 8 shades brighter, so i decide to have some bleached streaks to get rid of some of the red. But by now my poor hair as had enough and it snaps off! so we have to do our best and make it a choppy bob. I vow never to colour my hair again! (unless its blonde)

So from then on i just let it grow and have my highlights to get rid of the red

This is pretty much my hair in its natural state when it had been washed and left. Just kinda flicky with my layers. I often just wash and leave my hair. I am too lazy!

And i grew it for graduation

Going back to the tiny crimped look

Graduation comes! Ta da. Loose curls for the graduation Ball. And my size 12 graduation dress hurrah

I just had it cut again. and this is pretty much me now. This isn't posed for, it was taken when i wasn't looking but i like it cos it looks natural.

Gosh that was so long, but its always nice to take a trip down memory lane. Hope you enjoyed this. Let me know.

Much love to you all, and i encourage you to do it too!. xxx


  1. Ohmigod you look absolutely stunning in your dress at graduation!! Sooo gorgeous! And I don't think you look fat in any of these photos, I know you've clearly lost weight since before but I think you were pretty normal then, and skinny now! You have it all wrong girl!! You were never "fat"! Maybe you had a little extra junk in your trunk back then but so did I when I was in my teens! A lot of girls tend to lose their "puppy fat" when they grow up, that's all! xoxo Anna

  2. @ Anna
    Aww thankyou that is so sweet of you to say. I loved that dress... it reminded me of the old hollywood movies with the fan tail and the lovely way it went in and out at the waist and knee. I got so many compliments.
    Maybe i was never 'fat' but i was chunky. lol. boarding size 18... but now a 12 and feel fab. Plus only 9lbs to goal


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