Saturday, 30 May 2009

INs and OUTs

My very first INs and OUTs post (how exciting)

  • Hot crossed buns. I had one at Easter and remembered how much i loved them but then forgot about them as i thought you could only buy them at Easter. However i just called in the Co op and they had them there! A pound. Bargain (and yummy)

  • Tresemme conditioner. We got some of this at home because it was on offer, and usually i use my own conditioner but i tried this one day and loved it! It is really thick and doesn't make my hair flyaway which some conditioners do. Plus the huge tub lasts for ages.

  • The sun. Finally! enough said


  • The fact i just ate 4 hot crossed buns. Oh dear. lol. I'm trying to keep busy so i don't go back for the other two

  • My dog getting attacked. This has nothing to do with anything beauty related but i am outraged. I have a boarder Collie and she was out for a walk when two yappy little dogs in a garden decided to chase after her down the street and pin her down by her throat! She is really shaken up and was being sick yesterday. Bless her. Evil yappy little dogs!

  • Shaving! I need a new method of underarm hair removal. I shave in the morning and by the night i can see it growing back! why doesn't my head hair grow that fast! What is everyone's preferred method of hair removal??



  1. Loving your blog.
    Come stop by mine and say hello and have a look!
    looking forward to seeing you around!
    xx belle

  2. Aww your poor dog, that is so awful, hope she is okay!!!! Ohh hot cross buns... ah yes, soooo good! Luckily they are only available to buy at Easter time here ;)

  3. I seem to get through an awful lot of Immacc/Veet whatever it's called. It smells gross but it makes your hair weaker as well so it doesn't grow back so much.

  4. @ Lil
    how long does it make you fuzz free for? does it work on thicker hair, ie underarm?


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