Tuesday, 2 June 2009

To Epilate or not?

Hello my lovely followers
Another non weight related topic here (seeing as most of my followers are beauty bloggers- love you guys)

Sooooo, it's summer and body hair is evil, so i have been considering buying an epilator!!! (eek)
I would really love some reviews on them... good ones, bad ones?
Ways to minimise pain?
Does it work better than waxing?
Do you prefer to shave?
Does it last long?

I figure you guys are the experts right?

So please help me have a fizz free summer


  1. omggg,
    noooo! i had the worst expirence with one/:
    it hurts so much, and you can literrally feel every hair being plucked out one by one/:
    dontt waste your money. and it doesnt really last, but my hair grows back really back, so i dont know.
    good luck tho!

  2. @ bee
    ohhh no
    totally put off now
    what method of hair removal do you find best?

  3. I have always waxed but I recently decided to try epilating - wow!! It lasts so much longer than eaxing, and yes its painful, but its bearable and you got used to it. I brought an epoilator that had a gel patch that you put in the freezer then on your skin to numb it!! I'd really recommend it :)


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