Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Weigh In Video up, and a little about my weight loss

I have just uploaded my latest video onto YouTube with my weigh in this week.
I lnow some of you on here subscribe to me, so check it out!

For those of you who follow my blog and don't know much about me, i went into hospital about 3 weeks ago for some surgery, so i haven't really been making weight loss videos and now I'm on a lot of medication which is playing havoc with my weight loss and I'm up about 9lbs from where i was (which sucks)

It also means that now i only have one pair of jeans that fit me, which isn't good news.


So I had lost 22lbs and now its gone down to only having lost 13 1/2 lbs

Which isn't even a stone- VERY GUTTED

I worked really hard to keep the weight off for a few years and i decided i wanted to lose some more at Christmas and it hasn't happened. In fact i have gained more weight.

Never mind ey? I'm alive and that's all that matters ( i won't say healthy)

So this week i am going to drop a point and see how that goes- i need a little loss to spur me on.

I hate taking tablets and at the moment I'm full of them : (

It feels so wrong to be so medicated, especially when I'm trying to lose weight and be healthy, to then put these unnatural chemicals in my body

Does anyone else take lots of medication who feels this way?

Thanks for reading (and possibly watching)

Much love as always


  1. It is so tough when there are other things going on. I hope you're feeling better after your surgery and I know that you will be able to push through it! Look at it this way, you had already lost 22 lbs, so you're going to know how to do it again. 13.5 lbs is still 13.5 lbs gone and that is FANTASTIC!!

    I know what you mean about medication. For awhile I was on 2 different medications for my Crohn's + supplements + birth control. I was taken off one medication and I recently came off the pill because I don't want to be putting tonnes of crap into my body. But at the end of the day you need to take care of yourself, and if the medication is going to help you it is important.

  2. thanks Ash : )
    that really made me smile
    yeah i have just had a Mirena coil and i think thats to do with the weight gain, and its full of hormones, and the pill made me gain weight too

    I guess its more of a challenge but i'll stay positive
    I love your blog and thanks soooo much for commenting : )

  3. Yeah I know what you mean about being heavy on medication. I was really sick a few years back and I had to take a bunch of meds and I just felt so bad... good luck on your weight loss!

  4. Emma,
    HEY!!! I totally know you!!! I have watched a ton of your posts on you cool to see you here. I actually have tried to do the you tube thing, but my videos take FOREVER to load...GRRRR. You are that AWESOME girl that sent Jess a cute little package when she got to so nice of you!!!! I am totally going to follow your blog from now on! You're such a nice girl...I am going to support your butt off so you reach your goals!! Don't get too down about the weight gain. I gained 9 pounds in February...I had been doing so well, but meh..these things happen. Stick with it and it will happen eventually. I need to try that you tube thing again!!! lol
    Bye for now
    PS Brits rock!

  5. @skinny me!
    omg that totally made my day
    as you posted that i was reading your blog- like every post u have written-m then i get a message from you- crazy
    i love it
    YOU my dear are a total inspiration to me
    and its sooo awesome u have seen my YT videos
    thanks for such a sweet message
    lots of love

  6. Hi just found your blog via Em from Passion Fashion and I just want to say good look with the weight loss. I am taking loads of meds too (I have ME) and it makes it such a struggle but I'll get there ans so will you take care x


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