Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Beauty Haul!

Soooo, I went shopping the other day and got a few goodies.

Firstly I got THE BODY SHOP facial brush, which was recommended by Lipgloss86.
The reason I wanted this was because like Lipgloss86, I wanted to try the wave- I have a lot of blackheads on my nose- and I thought the wave would give me that deep clean I was looking for, but rather than spending all that money, I took her recommendation and got the facial brush. I haven’t had time to use it yet, but I can’t wait to, and it will be used tonight, so I will let you guys know how I get on with it.

Next stop was to Boots to get the SALLY HANSEN NAIL GROWTH MIRACLE (thanks to Hele and Daisy’s recommendations)
My nails are pretty shocking really, I worked in a hair salon for 8 years so my hands were always in bleach, water and colour. I can’t say the amount of times I’ve dyed my hands red or pink or even black for weeks on end (gloves are way too annoying to use lol)

So anyway I thought I would give this a bash, as you can see, this is a picture of me with a coat of it on, it has a really nice glossy sheen to it which makes me nails look nicer already. My nails grow ok, but they tend to split and break, so again, I’ll give it a week and report back.

I also couldn’t resist the GIRLS ALOUD LASHES. To be honest, I wanted these purely because they are Girls Aloud and I love them. Lol I got Kimberly’s because she is my favourite, and also they looked quite natural with lots of length and fullness. Cheryl’s were sold out, but I liked the look of Nicolas too. I don’t know when I will get chance to wear these as I’ve only worn false lashes once... but these look awesome. Has anyone got these? Are they good?

And lastly I got a new DENMAN hairbrush, because after about 4 years mine has died. I always get the same brush as I find its kind on your hair, easy to wash and the perfect size. They last ages too. I only got a new one because the rubber on mine has now split.

All in all I came away feeling pleased, but there was tons more stuff I wanted (damn this beauty blogging- you all make me want your fab recommendations). I did get some dresses in the NEW LOOK sale, but I may show you them another time.

Love to you allxxx


  1. I love facial brushes and have been using them daily for about 4 years now. You can get them cheap off Ebay.

    I really feel my face is squeaky clean after I use mine.

  2. Ohh i might have to give the facial brush a try. I love Denman brushes too x

  3. I've got the Nicola Girls Aloud eyelashes- I haven't worn them yet but love how they fan out at the corners! You'll have to take a photo when you wear them :)

  4. I have the Cheryl ones and I wore them to the concert last week! They're pretty awesome, my friend kept telling me I looked like a china doll which made for lots of "LOLZ" in Chinatown when drunk. They're pretty hardcore though and might make me feel a little self-conscious if I just wore them on a normal night out. Kimberly's definitely aren't as thick though, so I think I'll try those next, she's my favourite too!!

  5. @ Yinka. The Body Shop one was really cheap so i got that one for now, plus its so tiny and cute. : )

    @ Em x Deffo buy it, it was £2.90 i think. It was one of those 'blink and you will miss it' items

    @ Daisy I will be taking pics when i wear them. Really need an occasion to wear them. I wanted Nicolas, might have to have another trip. Sarah's looked a bit crazy

    @ Lil yey for Kimberly. She just seems so down to earth and is a nice normal size. Plus shes from Bradford like me lol. How was the concert?


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