Thursday, 28 May 2009

Makeup advice needed

OK so i have a confession to make, all you lovelies out there all talk about these amazing foundations by Mac or Chanel or Dior, but i only own ONE foundation and its from Avon
And i barely use it
Maybe once or twice a month if i go out somewhere special (i hear gasps from the makeup community)

I really want to purchase some nice makeup but i don't wanna spend a lot of money just for spending sake.
If there is a cheap great brand- I'm sold (which is why i use Avon- some of their stuff is amazing)
Now don't get me wrong, I'm not against spending for quality but i just have never felt i wanted to buy these things. I do own some medium priced make up such as Urban Decay and Barry M. Plus i love my 8 Hour night cream- which isn't cheap.

I would really love it if you all could suggest some fab make up for me to try.
Your must have items!

You can all see my colouring by my pictures.
I'm really pale, with blue eyes and (coloured) blonde hair. It's naturally mousey brown and i have a few freckles. I also have combination skin.
Which at the moment is breaking out on my chin (grr)

So please feel free to comment
I really need the advice
Much love to you all


  1. Ooooh I hear ya!! I can vouch for Revlon Colorstay foundation! I have been using it for years now and it is fantastic. I personally find it better than MAC studio fix foundation (it breaks me out a bit) but it is the same great coverage. Plus it is not as expensive! It comes in a range of colours and the fairest shade is FAIR so I am sure you could find one to suit you :) Btw, thankyou so much for your sweet comment!!! I am far from a model, but thanks for flattering me :) <3

  2. @ sarah
    I have just been reading your blog- love it
    I love all your pics, some makeup bloggers just stick to the same styles of makeup but yours are so different. Love it!!
    and thanks for the tip. I might try it out- shall have to go shopping now lol

  3. I hate spending loads of money on foundation as I barely ever use it. I like Maybelline mineral foundation in powder and liquid, and I have the concealer too. Its great, light and it has good coverage which you don't really feel. So good.
    As for my must-have items, well... my favourite recent find is the Sleek range at Superdrug. The eyeshadow palettes are exceptional, great quality, no creasing, last for ages and they're a snatch at £4.99 or something ridiculous like that.
    If you want to spend a little more, the Big Beautiful Eyes palette by Benefit is a really great investment.

  4. I'm a Bare Minerals fan... I love it!

  5. @ amy
    @ lil
    my skin can be quite dry, would mineral makeup just highlight this? i have heard its good though...


  6. Hey there, just discovered your fab blog! One thing I would say if you are prone to breakouts is be careful with MAC foundations as you might find that breaks you out (Its notorious!) Also I noticed you've been recommended mineral makeup - I have dry skin and use it too, and I find as long as I moisturise well it doesn't highlight any dryness. Bare minerals is good, but I think ELF have also just brought out a mineral line - I got sent the mineral booster to try (a kind of setting powder for mineral foundation) which I was really surprised by, so it might be worth trying that to see if minerals suit you, without breaking the bank! Hope that helps! xxx

  7. @mizzworthy
    thankyou for the tip, ELF is a brand i have never tried, but always wanted to
    i might try the minerals then


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