Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Boot Sale Bargains

So on Sunday I had the urge to go to a car boot, with all this chat on blogger about the amazing finds, I had to pop to my local one to see what offerings the locals were… well offering!
I was really surprised. Of course there was some tat but I got a few bits that I was mega happy with! I dragged the bf out of bed too to come with me, and he even got a few bits. Result!

First of all we got Cluedo! Classic game which I didn’t own.. Until now. £1. Bargain. All the bits still there. That made our Sunday night enjoyable (we like board games)

I also got some DVDs- The Princess Diaries and The Princess Dairies 2- films I haven’t seen but I’m loving Anne Hathaway at the moment so I snapped them up for £1. I also got Popstars the Rivals- I will admit it was mainly so I could see Girls Aloud before stylists and teeth veneers and crowns. And to see Cheryl Cole in her natural glory. They were all pretty before but wow- stylists are amazing!!!
I had to admit I didn’t know any of the boys- what ever happened to the guy group??

I also got Vouge Covers. It has loads of the covers from the very first issue. Really interesting. Only £2.

I also got a Ped Egg- well because ya know…

My fave purchase was a Body Shop set. It was the Jasmine perfume box set. I was sooo happy because I love the smell of the Jasmine perfume. So I ask how much it is, expecting her to say about a tenner, seeing as it was new and I know for a fact at xmas they sold for £20. But she said £2! I pulled my best ‘poker face’ handed the money and ran away before she could change her mind. Then raved on at my bf how the body lotion alone was worth more than that and how I love this perfume and wear it all the time.

Amazing. I think I’m going to be going to more boot sales : )

I’m one happy lady

Did anyone else boot sale this weekend? Was the weather nice? It was soo hot up here but it didn’t distract me from bargains to be found.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend


  1. wow, what a bargain that Body Shop set was.
    Bet you were well pleased!!

  2. Fab bargains, i love Cluedo! x

  3. @ Lauren
    I really was! I wear the perfume all the time now, so now i have back up plus extras

    Me too! we played it loads lol

    @ Cosmeticsmile
    Thanks, i now love boot sales

  4. Only just found this post, but wow you really did get some amazing bargains!
    You know the Vogue covers book retails at like £40!


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