Tuesday, 28 July 2009

One more please?

I am a lucky girl of late. I never win anything but I seem to have won 2 giveaways these past few weeks. I was so excited.

One more would be lovely… everything comes in 3’s right? (kidding- kinda lol)

Anyway the first one was from Lil at a A Storm in a Teacup who sent me this lovely lot.
It came in Dior bag which was a nice touch, and I got

Nicolas Girls Aloud Lashes (which I really wanted)
The Divine Storm palette (jealous?)
2 Nails Inc. nail polishes in Piccadilly Circus and Shoreditch which are gorgeous pink colours (pics to follow when I have painted my nails)
A Victoria Jackson lip gloss
And a fortune fish.

The tail and head were moving- which means I’m in love (aww). Thankfully the bf did it too and his did the same (would have killed him otherwise lol)

Plus some artwork done by Lil! Its sooo pretty. The detail that has gone into it was amazing. My boyfriend said it was Nicola from Girls Aloud lol (forgive him Lil, he has a thing for her)
Anyway I’m going to treasure it because its lovely. You are one talented lady.

So thanks Lil!!!!

My next one arrived today from Em at Passion for Fashion. I came 2nd in her giveaway and I got the following goodies

Pretty Polly moisturising leg shimmer
Some crazy false eyelashes (get a load of these- bling much?)

Some cute plasters
Bath bombs
And some rock from Em’s trip to Blackpool

All in all its been a fab few weeks. So I’m waiting for my next one girls or else (I jest : ) )

Much love to you all and more posts to follow soon.



  1. Well done and hope you get that third win x

  2. Congrats! I love the pic by Lil. xx

  3. Aww I'm glad you liked it all!
    And I love Nicola too - your boyfriend has good taste! Watch out for a post on her coming soon - she's one of my style icons! x

  4. I'm glad you got it safely! Those lashes are so funky, i got myself some to wear too x


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