Saturday, 1 August 2009

Oh my

Oh my goodness. I love Ed Westwick.
At first he didn't bother me but after watching the extra bits on my GG box sex, i saw him talking with his English accent and OH MY GOD
So sexy!

I'm English too! What the hell is going on. Now when i look at him i see a sexy English guy. Maybe because before i saw him as asshole Chuck and now.... well now he is English and sexy and *drool*
More attainable because i know he is from England?
Sexier because i know he isn't chuck?
Does a London(ish) English accent do it for me?
No idea but I'm loving him.

Enough talking


  1. Sexier because i know he isn't chuck?

    That doesn't compute with me.
    Chuck Bass is the sexiest man alive! (ish).

  2. oh dear Lil, he is a snake!! and in the first season, his hair was bad.. but got better as time went on. As Ed Westwick he is HOT

  3. Ed's the best!
    Thank god for GG:))

  4. @ Nookie I know- what would we do without it?

  5. I love, love LOVE him! Even as Chuck Bass he is kinda hot (the arrogant bad boy thing). I can't wait for season 3 to start - not long now!

  6. Yuuummm!! Hes so sexy! lol I love Gossip Girl!!! " ex oh ex oh" :) xx

  7. I loooooove ed westwick. And i appreciate his husky American accent ;)


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