Monday, 17 August 2009

Clothes swaps! AMAZING

I found a new obsession!!!

During these hard times, I've been looking around for more freebies and ways to save money. Well i was on freecycle (giving things away for free) and I came across

This site is AMAZING

Its essentially eBay but free.

' is the world's largest fashion recycling website. Browse over 50,000 pre-loved items which need a new home. Use it to swap things you don't wear for things you will. Turn your unwanted clothes, shoes and bags back into cash. Or, buy yourself a new-to-you outfit at a bargain price. It's fun, fashionable and environmentally friendly'

You list your items (free) and then other members make offers for them. These offers can be cash, swaps or a combo of both. The idea of the site is to be environmentally friendly so i guess swapping is the best idea. You can get a whole new wardrobe for free (essentially). Or purchase items from other members by making them a cash offer.

If you are one of those people who wears things once and then doesn't wear them again- get them listed on here. Its much better than eBay. I only found it a few days ago and have bought loads of things. I made some cheeky cash offers and some were accepted (wayhey)

I'm gonna upload my own clothes this week because i have tons of them and this is a much better idea than eBay as there is no listing fee and final fee. If you swap your item- its totally FREE (except postage to the member but you control that)

I'll do another post when my stuff are uploaded so you can browse but until then spread the word : )

Sorry if this is a bit jumbled. Its a mix of excitement and flu.

Much love

P.S I'm sure you can't technically p.s on a blog but i don't care lol. Anyway they ( are holding some swapping events this year and i was thinking of a blogger meet up at one? They are all over the UK- but the ones in York and Leeds are appealing to me- Message me about it if anyone is interested. Free clothes plus a day out with great bloggers


  1. That sounds amazing! I'm going to have a look now.

    By the way, I have a new blog contest. Pop by and enter. Only 2 entries at the mo!xx

  2. amazing site! i just registered :) thanks!

  3. Amazing - now going to register :) xx

  4. cool! too bad I'm a bit germaphobic.. haha no secondhandies for me! but it's great for everyone else!


  5. Isn't big wardrobee fab, i'd def be up for a blogger meet, York and Leeds are both good for me. x

  6. @ Lauren. I shall : )
    Isn't the website fab?

    @ Superficialgirl whats your username?

    @ TallulahBella Did you register?

    @ Toothfairynotes Aww second hand is good! You can deep clean the items hehe

    @ Em x Your already on it? Ohh fab- whats your username? I shall check you out. And I'd LOVE you to be there

  7. HEY - OMG ever since i read this post yesterday I have been on this website and literally listed around 50 items already!!! :o) AMAZING. my username is mzhindmarsh !!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  9. Oh my gosh, I'm definitely signing up! I have sooo many clothes I don't wear.
    Lovely blog by the way :)

  10. A swap event sounds like it'd be amazing!

  11. I run a swapping website, SwapsiesUK :D

  12. @ Mzhindmarsh Added you to my faves : )

    @ Lil you should sign up!

    @ Alice thankyou so much sweetie. Have u looked at the site?

    @ Nikki I know!!! we will have to arrange to go! Where would be best for you?

    @ Sadie no problem

    @ Laura I know! I looked at it ages ago and didn't sign up and then totally forgot. Isn't it mostly make up though?


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