Saturday, 1 August 2009

Happy Yorkshire Day!

Did everyone know it was Yorkshire Day?
No me neither, but apparently it is.

I was born in West Yorkshire and now live in North Yorkshire so I'm a true Yorkshire man! (ee by gum)

"On this day in 1759 our brave Yorkshire regiments left the battlefields of Germany and picked white flowers from the surrounding bushes as a tribute to their fallen pals.
Since then the White Rose has been the symbol of our great and glorious county and Yorkshire Day is celebrated every year to recognise how fantastic Yorkshire really is!"
(taken from Graduates Yorkshire)

Yey for Yorkshire, the biggest and best county in the UK! (preparing for some arguments on this : p)


  1. Woohoo! Great post, from a fellow Yorkshire person :) x

  2. My Future Father in Law would beg to differ :P He's from Rotherham and doesn't ever remember Yorkshire Day, or it being celebrated :)

  3. Wooo yay for Yorkshire! I'm not even from here properly but its a fab place with so many places to go x

  4. I'm from North Yorkshire too :)! x

  5. @ Victoria yey for Yorkshire people- we should all have a Yorkshire meet up

    @ Crystal I've never celebrated it either but tis true!

    @ Em x You live here now and thats all that matters hehe

    @ Emma Ohh where abouts?



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