Saturday, 29 August 2009

Hot men alert!

Ok so Holly at DollyMix184 tagged all her followers to do 'The List'. In typical Ross from Friends style, I can never stick to just 5. I thought long and hard about these so here you go. (By the way, if my boyfriend reads this- I wouldn't actually cheat on you with these men- it's just for fun lol)
In no order-
His accent just gets me. I first saw him in The Phantom of the Opera, and my love of musicals combined with my love of a sexy young man playing phantom sparked my obsession. Even with his deformed phantom face i wanted him and also screamed at the TV that Christine should pick him and not the sissy boy she marries. The phantoms love for you is real Christine!! Bitch.
I've already done a post expressing my lust for this man so i don't think anymore needs to be said. Check out the post here
Theres something about Jack Black- something sexy. I know he isn't conventionally good looking but i quite like that. He would also make me laugh tons. I dunno what it is- i've liked him for years. I wanna big cuddle for him then to go eat a burger and milkshake.

Oh how i love him. He is just so cute and funny. I love him in everything i see him in and he never takes himself too seriously. Even in Clueless i liked him. Little did we know he would become a huge star.

For now and forever. I remember watching Dirty Dancing as a little girl and loving him (as did my mum and every other mum in ther 80's) Even now he is lovely looking. I cried when i heard he had cancer but thankfully he is recovering well. He is a fighter and he won't give up. I love that about him. Given only 6 months to live- he is still here now and filming for TV i hear. Good on ya!!! You still hold the hearts of millions of women and everyone wishes you well

So thats it folks, a little unconventional in places but thats me. I'm not going to tag anyone but just hope other people do this. Its fun : )
Much love


  1. i think that people with accents are just a bonus and so i must agree with your opinion on mr. butler. lol. :)

  2. Gerard Butler is bloody gorgeous! :) x


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