Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Do you want a piece of me?

Well I spent ages uploading all my crap onto Big Wardrobe and have had tons of swap offers already! Yey!. Loads left so i thought I'd give you guys the link in case you wanna browse... or i urge you to look at other peoples stuff too.
New clothes are always awesome!

Then search for me- evilblackpixie (i keep things simple lol)

Sorry I haven't posted much lately, got tons to post about but not enough time and i don't wanna become a slave to blogger and feel like i HAVE to post if you know what i mean. Its a hobby : ) (and an addiction) lol
Much love to you all

Let me know if your on Big Wardrobe and what your username is and I'll check you out

P.S I know my pics are really rubbish- my camera is sooooo old. Its gone all blurry and doesn't focus that well. If anyone can recommend a good one please? It needs to be able to record on too.


  1. That site sounds like a really good idea!
    Might have a look in a mo xx

  2. yay! my name is mzhindmarsh !! iv added you guys to my favourites on there :) xx

  3. @ Lauren. Have a look! Its a great idea

    @ Cat I added you to my faves : )

    @ Mzhindmarsh I added you to my faves days ago lol xx

  4. I love bigwardrobe after your last mention of it! My name's AliceBoullin - I'm checking yours out now :)

  5. @ Alice OMG Alice! I already had you as one of my fave sellers! I found your stuff the other day during a search! Spooky!

  6. Cute clothes! I think your pics look hot! Like they glow :) xx

  7. @ Lorien BeautyLove Thanks lol. Its just bad focus but i prefer the term 'glow'

  8. I Just read you comment on Liparazzi's blog, and have read your post. This is really interesting! I am in the middle of a HUGE clear out and have been uploading things to Ebay- I will look into this site though for the things that dont sell. I'm all for recyling and reusing although still donate a portion to charity.

    I like your blog by the way! Thanks for sharing!

  9. @ Computer Girl Its really fab- one girls trash is another girls treasure and all that. Let me know if you sign up


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