Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Snacks. Part 1

I did a snacks video for one of my subscribers. xx


  1. :) Aw Emma i just watched both of the videos. Thank you for being so helpful and sweet. Im so wanting a curly wirly at the moment Lol. ^^

    I think ill have one tomorrow at work. ^^
    Take care x

  2. Emma, OMG You have the coolest WW products in England...JEALOUS!!! Canadian chocolate is complete CRAP in comparison. Sob...take me to England :(

    PS. I love how you brits describe everything as 'gorgeous' :)

  3. @ Rachel
    Let me know how u get on with the curly wurly. they are yum

    @ Skinny me
    I'll have to send u some! its sooo nice. We have a great selection. Then you will get addicted and have to come to England to buy more and then i shall kidnap you lol

  4. Hey, just found your blog, I'm a Yorkshire lass too lol :) I really need to go back to WW but I have been putting it off because I just can't be arsed be honest I prefer Slimming World but my mum wants to try WW again this time... your videos are going to help me I think so thank you. Looking forward to reading more of your blog xx

  5. @ Girl With The Golden Touuch
    thankyou, you should check out my YouTube channel, there are more videos on there. If you need anything just shout : )


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